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Surplus American Science and Surplus
  Herbach and Rademan
  C and H Sales (This one can be tough to browse, but there is good stuff)
  Surplus Center
  Tanner Electronics (An amazing physical store right here in Dallas, but no online sales)
Retail Grainger Industrial Supply
  All Electronics
  Electronic Goldmine
  Stock Drive/Sterling Instrument
  Small Parts
  The 'shack

Cabaret Mechanical Movement
  Physcal Computing
  Practical Electronics for Inventors
  507 Mechanical Movements

Tech Help
  Great basic electronics page (Also great set of links at the bottom of this page)
  Tom Igoe's page (Lots of resources)
  Tom Igoe's Transistor page
  7805 Voltage Regulator page
  The Resistor Identifier Page
  The Electronics Club (Lots of good stuff here)
Artists Arthur Ganson
  Christy Georg
  Alan Rath
  Tim Prentice
  Ken Feingold
  Tim Hawkinson's Art:21 page
  Ken Rinaldo
  Theo Jansen
  Tim Hunkin
  Josie Durkin
Misc BBC's Secret Life of Machines
  Elizabeth King's Clockwork Monk essay
  Make Magazine

Documents ART 4824: Electromechanical Systems in Art Syllabus
  Tools and Materials
  Mechanical Movement text (pdf)
  Motion Sensor wiring sheet (pdf)
  Solid State Relay sheet
  P E for I (PDF)
Videos Glance
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